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Rejuvenate Your Rooms without Breaking the Bank

Is your home asleep at the wheel? Taking on a major remodel isn’t the only way to wake your tired interiors. This time, stretch your creativity instead of your budget, which can often go haywire with homeimprovement projects. You might even turn an eyesore into an asset along the way with the right shade of paint or another resourceful makeover.

Create a wish list of the less desirable features you’d like to enhance in a wallet-friendly manner or do away with altogether, and spend some time imagining the possibilities for each room before you begin. Think about how you’d like the space to feel and how you might update it within your means to make it more inviting. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Living Rooms

If your living room is looking a bit under the weather from one too many neutrals, inject some zest with a colorful chair or a sizable piece of art that draws the eye away from all that beige or gray. Sometimes all it takes is a small shift—like changing out lampshades or pillows—to make a big impact.


That dining set you inherited may have seemed like a good idea at the time, but unless your home is formal, the set might look out of place. Turn a playful patterned fabric into a tablecloth and it will contrast nicely with dark wood furniture. Change the contents of your china cabinet while you’re at it with some mismatched vintage dishes that provide a more casual vibe than most traditional collections.


If new cabinets and countertops aren’t in your future, that’s OK. Maybe painting your cabinetry and adding new hardware will do the trick. Or you might consider removing a few cabinet doors for an open display that strikes a lighter mood. Editing the space can make a big difference. Pick an accent color and stick to it for a colorful distraction that invigorates any dated surroundings.


Whether it’s your own sleeping quarters or those designated for children or guests, bedrooms tend to be one of the more neglected areas of the home because it’s easy to close the door and hide whatever’s lurking in there. Give yours a weekly inspection and make it a place of refuge with some new draperies and bedding. An upholstered headboard gives the illusion of a new bed for less.

Quick Fixes

Mirrors can be miracle workers for the home. Employ one to lighten up a dark space, or amass a collection along a wall for an instant focal point to brighten your day.

Paint can go beyond the walls to refresh ceilings, floors, furniture, doors, and more. Happy hues can take a space from dull to dazzling.

Rugs define an area, whether you want to visually separate one section from another or you’re trying to disguise the fact that you have a dated kitchen or bathroom.

Plants provide a quick pick-me-up for your rooms through their color and texture. Faux styles are fine, but live varieties offer health benefits and some, such as succulents, are low maintenance too.

Flowers can be a room’s best friend. A colorful floral arrangement provides a great distraction from any area that needs refreshing. Place them in unique containers; anything from a teacup to a stemless wineglass will do the trick.


Keeping your bathrooms clean is only half the battle. It helps to keep them tidy, too. If there’s not enough space for a spare cabinet, position one right outside the door in an adjacent hallway if possible. Choose your accents wisely. Instead of overwhelming the room with one too many accessories, go for stylish essentials such as towels and toothbrush holders.


Because it provides the first impression of your home, not only for guests but for you and your family too, the entry should be a priority when refreshing your interiors. One way to do so is by checking the number of items in the space. Too few or too many elements can create an unwelcoming environment. Try a statement piece like a painted dresser or bench that offers storage and display opportunities while providing that wow factor. Written by Jeanine Matlow.

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